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Laboratory Services

Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical biochemistry department is considered to be the back bone of any pathology laboratory.

That’s why we are highly focused to introduce the latest and most robust equipment in its clinical biochemistry department.

Our Clinical Biochemistry department is equipped with state of the art Cobas 311 by Roche diagnostics Switzerland for routine biochemistry tests.

For endocrinology, Tumor markers, Vitamins & infectious diseases we have installed Cobas E411 by Roche diagnostics Switzerland. And for specialty immunoassays we have state of the Art analyzer I-Sys by IDS France.

Consult our Islamabad diagnostic center head office f-8 markaz f-8 markaz, f-8 services and get the help of our expert Clinicians that are specialized in Biochemistry.

Clinical Pathology & Microbiology

Our Clinical pathology & microbiology department is working to help physicians in the treatment of many infectious diseases by providing the targeted treatment options using automated and conventional techniques.

Our clinical pathology & Microbiology department is equipped with Cobas U411 for urine analysis, fully automated Sperm health analyzer by Biola Russia , Automated blood culture system by BD USA.

Covid 19 PCR Lab

We have  established a dedicated Covid 19 PCR testing Laboratory.

This BSL-2 Covid lab is equipped with state of the art PCR systems by Hibergene diagnostics Ireland. The high quality CE marked and IVD approved kits are being used for testing which are also made by Hibergene Diagnostics Ireland.

Currently we have a PCR testing capacity of 2000 per day. We are also equipped with Cobas E411 for the Covid 19 antibodies testing.


A Fibroscan is a simple, painless and non-invasive procedure used to accurately assess the health of the liver. A Fibroscan like a specialized ultrasound measures liver fibrosis or “scarring”, which is essentially liver damage that is often the result of metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, chronic viral hepatitis or excess alcohol intake. A Fibroscan can identify the early signs of liver damage that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Hematology department is equipped with modern and highly sophisticated equipment to help our highly qualified team of hematologists to diagnose the hematological disorders timely and with greater accuracy.

Our Hematology department is equipped with State of the art hematology analyzer Cell-Dyn by Abbott diagnostics USA, Cube 30 Touch automated ESR system by Diesse Italy ,Thrombolyzer Automated hemostasis system by Behnk electronics Germnay & automated capillary electrophoresis system by Sebia France.


Our panel of highly qualified histopathologists are helping the clinicians & surgeons by making tissue diagnosis for better patient care and manageability.

Our histology department is fully equipped with routine tissue processing and advance immuno-histochemical processors for better diagnosis of tissue samples.

Imaging & Radiology Department

In our Imaging & Radiology department, we are providing digital X-Ray & Ultrasound facilities to our customers with the help of our highly qualified panel of Radiologists and sonologists . our professional experts offer satisfactory diagnostic radiology services with highly equipped medical technology as the latest X-Ray and ultrasound machines to meet the clinician’s needs.


Our immunology department offers a wide range of specialty immunoassay including a variety of autoimmune markers.

This department is well equipped with world’s leading brands of specialty immunoassay and autoimmunity testing systems.

These installations includes Alegria by Orgentec Germany, Chorus by Diesse Italy, Blue Diver by D-Tek Belgium.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology department is providing highly accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases and treatment options to clinicians.

Our molecular biology department is equipped with Cepheid Gene expert molecular system for the detection and viral loads of many viral & Bacterial pathogens including Hepatitis, B , Hepatitis C , HIV & Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.

Our Gene expert system also provides Drug resistance to Tuberculosis. Moreover we have state of the Art LAMP (Loop mediated Isothermal Amplification) system by Hibergene diagnostics Ireland for the rapid molecular diagnostics of many infectious diseases including Meningitis, C.defficile, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae , Flue A/B and a panel of STDs.


General practice OPG Centre is one of the few Dental clinics in Islamabad to have an in-house Digital OPG machine. It enables the imaging of the full mouth in a single scan, leading to comprehensive planning and holistic approach.

The Digital OPG can be used for scanning of children and adults.

Special Pathology

Our special pathology department is aimed to provide patient and clinicians with the diagnosis of rare and novel disorders.

In our special pathology department we are performing Cytogenetic studies, Platelet aggregation studies, Interferon gamma release assay ( T SPOT TB Test) for the accurate diagnosis of Tuberculosis , Immunoflourescence studies for Anti-nuclear antibodies, Urea Breath test for accurate diagnosis of H.Pylori infections, Hydrogen Breath Tests for the intolerances of different sugars


An ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to create a picture (also known as a sonogram) of organs, tissues, and other structures inside the body. Unlike X-rays, ultrasounds don’t use any radiation. We offer the best ultrasound diagnostic services with our experts and highly equipped medical technologies.  


The radiology department at General Practice healthcare offers a complete range of modern radiology techniques to diagnose illness and injury.

Molecular Genetics

 Our molecular genetics department is lead by Dr.Hani Akbar, a well-known clinical geneticist. We provide counseling and diagnostic facilities of genetic disorders to Patients and clinicians. We are collaborating with different international laboratories for outsource testing of genetic markers.

Miscellaneous Diagnostics


Cardiologist at General Practice performs your echocardiography in the office.

An echocardiogram, more commonly referred to as an ‘echo’, is an ultrasound scan of the heart. It is used to assess the structure and function of the heart and visualize the valves, heart chambers, heart muscle and blood flow to give a detailed picture of cardiac health. Complex measurements are made from the images obtained and depending on the reason for your referral, a more focused view of some areas may be performed. An echo is used in the diagnosis of many conditions and is also used to exclude others.

Electrocardiogram - ECG

An electrocardiogram, more commonly known as an ECG, is a quick and simple test which looks at the electrical activity of the heart. An ECG is used as a baseline test to look for evidence of cardiac damage, cardiac enlargement and/or a rhythm disturbance


Upper GI Endoscopy

We perform standard upper GI endoscopy procedures, to examine the gastrointestinal tract.  This Procedure is done to visualize the inside of Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach and upper part of Small Intestines.


Colonoscopies are commonly performed to diagnose abnormalities of the large intestine and to screen for colorectal cancer and colorectal polyps. The procedure is frequently performed in an outpatient setting with minimal discomfort and inconvenience. Because colonoscopy allows doctors to identify and remove certain types of colon polyps that may develop into cancer, colonoscopy can be a therapeutic and even life-saving procedure.


Spirometry is a common type of pulmonary function test. Another name for a pulmonary function test is a lung function test. A spirometry test measures the flow of air through your lungs and estimates the amount of air in your lungs. It also tells a healthcare provider how strong your lungs are and how well you breathe.

Spirometry is safe. A Doctor commonly order it to evaluate lung function.

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