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Supporting Services

The term supporting services covers a range of healthcare services that enhance your sense of wellbeing and recovery when you need it most

Our supporting services can be used as standalone services but usually they work alongside other existing medical treatments and care together to treat various medical conditions.

The body is interconnected in so many different ways; treatment to one part can influence another part. Some health conditions and certain medications impact a range of areas of the body simultaneously. It can therefore be beneficial to consider committing to a combination of treatments for an effective treatment plan.

A holistic approach to recovery can be highly effective in preventing and treating health conditions. The right combination of treatments can look after the health and wellbeing of the body as a whole.

Dietary and nutritional advice


Dietitians are experts in food and help promote nutritional wellbeing, prevent nutrition-related problems and treat disease. Altering your diet can be tricky without help, especially if a sudden diagnosis has forced you to focus on what you are eating, such as diabetes, cancer or an organ failure. Even if that’s not the case and you have a specific goal in mind such as weight management, muscle building or IBS management, dietetics can help with a breadth of problems.

After a brief comprehensive assessment of your diet and nutrient intake. We work with you to develop personalized goals and provide advice, strategies and resources to support you to optimize your diet. The service is currently available for adults (aged 18 years and over) seeking dietary advice for type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes/insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and/or weight management, or adults with no pre-existing medical conditions seeking healthy eating advice such as increasing fiber, reducing salt intake, balanced vegetarian/vegan eating.

Lifestyle Medicine

Sometimes finding balance is hard and incorporating lifestyle or nutrition guidance into an already busy schedule can seem overwhelming. Our lifestyle medicine experts understand the importance of making things simple and offer tailored advice which is straight forward and works for you. Many conditions which are non-communicable can be managed through a lifestyle approach. Changes may be hard to maintain, which is why we’ll work together to design an easy to follow plan, with those all-important milestones mapped out so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Psychology and Mental health

At General Practice, we recognize the importance of mental wellness and strive to offer affordable and accessible counselling and coaching services in full confidentiality. We are here to support you and all companies towards a healthier and more engaged workforce by providing workplace well-being solutions. Our practitioners are highly experienced and comes from diverse backgrounds and offers wide-ranging areas of counselling catered to meet the needs of companies or individuals.

""General Practice is truly exceptional!""

 From the moment I entered the doors to the office, I felt welcomed, cared for, and completely at ease. The Clinic Team has gone above and beyond to be sure that my complete health and wellness have been made first priority. 

– Danish Hanif

Understand Your Body

Holistic health looks at the whole person and involves multiple complementary medicines that can be used in conjunction to modern-day Western medicine.
Understanding what works for your body is essential.
Those wanting a more natural, drug-free approach to treatment may consider our supporting services for diagnosis and prevention of current and future illness.

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