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Surgical Clinic

Welcome to Surgical Clinic! We strive to combine modern, evidence-based medicine with patient-centered care with the best surgeon Islamabad. What does that mean exactly? Often in medicine, there are multiple ways of getting the same result. Sometimes this can be as simple as performing a procedure open versus laparoscopically. Laparoscopic procedures offer a decreased recovery time with smaller incisions. However, there are still times when an open procedure is safer.

We offer a wide range of best surgical services so that every health issue can be looked into – from blood tests to full health screens, asthma to anxiety and diabetes to specialist referrals. We even provide wellness screens, which check that you are healthy and stay that way. For most things, solutions can be found there and then within the consultation. However, with more difficult or serious issues we may refer the employee to our secondary care partners for further investigation and treatment. So, whatever your employees need, we have it covered.

Out best general surgeons in Islamabad always consider the patient-physician relationship as paramount to the best surgical care. With excellent communication, a physician can educate patients. With this education on surgical and non-operative options for each procedure, patients can make decisions based on their particular viewpoints. In the previous example, some patients may value a shorter recovery time with a small decrease in the safety of the procedure. For another patient, the ability to perform the procedure using regional anesthesia may be more important than the size of the incision or recovery time.

Surgical consultations

The Surgery Clinic at General Practice Clinic – offers a range of evaluation and surgical treatment services. Our services include the evaluation and general surgical treatments of cancers and other diseases; treatment of conditions of the colon, rectum and anus; and hernia care.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Minor surgeries for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons in an out-patient setting are performed under local anesthesia and aseptic conditions of infection control.

Breast Cancer Check

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Pakistani women. Screening mammograms and ultrasounds can find breast cancer early, when there may be more treatment options and a better chance of a cure.

Most women age 50 to 74 should have a screening mammogram every 2 years. Trans men and women may also need regular mammograms.

Experience is Everything

When it comes to your health, experience is everything. Our dedicated clinicians strive to deliver unparalleled, individual care and attention. Experience translates into good clinical judgement, early and accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, and excellent, all-round care.
It also brings fast access to a broad network of world-class specialists across the full range of medical and surgical disciplines.
When it comes to delivering excellence in private medical care, experience counts.
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