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Wellness Vaccinations

Wellness vaccinations include all vaccination services Islamabad that improve the quality of your health and well-being. They offer protection against vaccine-preventable infectious diseases and are essential for both child vaccination islamabad & adults.

Vaccinations have been used for many years to limit the impact of many life-threatening illnesses. Due to the valiant efforts of vaccination programs in Pakistan and worldwide, we’ve managed to reduce many diseases.

Wellness services islamabad offer protection for individual by aggravating their immune system to produce an immune response. They also offer wider community protection by developing herd immunity. Once a certain percentage of the population is vaccinated, which varies depending on the infectious disease, herd immunity will protect those unable to be vaccinated. This is important so that whole communities can be protected against avoidable illness.

We offer a range of services from childhood immunizations for babies and children vaccination services, to adult vaccinations, and wellness vaccinations such as annual flu jabs.

We stay at the forefront of vaccine development and you can rely on us to have all vaccines in stock whenever you need them.

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Adult Vaccinations

It’s never too late to catch up with missed or incomplete vaccination courses including childhood vaccinations. As you get older, your immune system reduces and you’re more prone to complications from infectious diseases. Vaccinations offer protection and alleviate worry. For peace of mind, take a look of all our adult vaccinations.


Child Vaccinations

Without doubt, your children are the most precious thing in the world to you and protecting them is so important. Most infectious diseases are completely avoidable with childhood vaccinations.


Workplace Vaccinations

Certain jobs and industries come with infectious disease risks and it is important to consider if workplace vaccinations are suitable for your business. We offer many different vaccinations and can vaccinate in clinic or at your place of work.


Flu Vaccinations

Most people see the flu as a nuisance but it is a serious respiratory illness and for some it can be fatal. Even those with mild symptoms experience pain, discomfort and have to miss work or life events due to the flu. A flu jab offers the best protection.

Experience is Everything

When it comes to your health, experience is everything.

Our dedicated clinicians deliver unparalleled, individual care and attention. Experience translates into good clinical judgement, early and accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, and excellent, all-round care. It also brings fast access to a broad network of world-class specialists across the full range of medical and surgical disciplines.

When it comes to delivering excellence in private medical care, experience counts.


Many infectious diseases are avoidable. Vaccinations offer protection against illness and reduce the likelihood of serious complications. In history, valiant vaccination programmes have managed to eradicate certain diseases from the world.
Herd immunity is reliant on a certain percentage of the population being vaccinated. If everyone had the same mindset of “herd immunity” being enough then less people would be vaccinated and herd immunity wouldn’t be achieved. Certain people are unable to get vaccinated due to medical conditions, immune deficiencies and also allergies and so it is important for all those who can get vaccinated, do.
Your immune system builds up immunity naturally when you are exposed to a disease. It is unpredictable in how well it will be able to manage against the disease. There is a possibility your immune system will be overwhelmed and you will be seriously ill. In worse case scenarios you could be hospitalised, have life-changing health conditions or it could be fatal. Vaccinations work alongside your immune system by building up immunity to a weaker strain so that if you were to be exposed to the real disease your body would be able to fight off the infection easier.
Before vaccinations are used in the general population they are rigorously tested. They have to meet independent safety standards and are regularly tested to ensure they are safe.
We are conscientious that some of our patients or their close family members are deemed clinically vulnerable. Therefore, all our staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for your protection and peace of mind.
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