About us

Preventing illness and supporting the health of individuals

Navigating healthcare can be difficult. That’s why we at General Practice are challenging the current system to create a new normal, impacting better health outcomes for everyone.

With our qualified doctors, state of the art facility and integrated diagnostics, we are committed to providing a holistic model of healthcare that empowers our patients to feel and live better.

Using the latest evidence-based medicine combined with our patient centered approach, we aim to deliver swift and cost effective one

stop solutions to your everyday health needs.

Our clinic space is thoughtfully designed to reflect a calm and serene environment aimed at providing you with a comforting and stress-free healthcare experience.

Combined with the core traditional values of General Practice, we build long-term trusting relationships with our patients and their families, offering easy accessibility and continuity of care.

Our Values

Our core values are the foundations of our commitment to achieving clinical excellence and patient satisfaction for all service users. As a company, we are individually and collectively committed to putting these values at the heart of our practice to drive forward everything we do.


We invest significantly in the latest innovations in healthcare, offering gold-standard, best-in-field services throughout the clinic. We deliver a first-class experience, focusing on individual patients’ wants and needs, all whilst continually striving to achieve clinical excellence.

Loyalty & Trust

We promise to listen to you with empathy, involve you in treatment decision-making, treat you with respect and dignity all to gain your trust in our clinical competence. We promise to ensure that all patients are cared for in a way that is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Exceeding Expectations

Our aim is to provide excellent care, meeting the needs of each patient and exceeding patient’s expectations. As our patient, we go above and beyond to put your health interests first. Your health and wellbeing are our number one priority.

Integrated Care

We are a diverse clinic integrating several disciplines in a singular site, together the expertise and skills of our clinical professionals ensure you receive the best care for your individual circumstance. Working together we can collaboratively assess, plan and manage your care, focusing on more coordinated and integrated forms of care provision.

Experience is Everything

When it comes to your health, experience is everything.

Our dedicated clinicians deliver unparalleled, individual care and attention. Experience translates into good clinical judgement, early and accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, and excellent, all-round care. It also brings fast access to a broad network of world-class specialists across the full range of medical and surgical disciplines.

When it comes to delivering excellence in private medical care, experience counts.
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