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Gp Services

With a team of GPs and cutting-edge diagnostic facilities & Specialist consultation islamabad. General Practice Clinic offers an expert medical service to efficiently manage your health concerns. We can provide you with convenient access to medical support and expert diagnosis with trusted private GPs, when you need it most.

For those who live and work locally, we remain open for in-clinic appointments, and for all others, our virtual appointments can offer the expert medical services, you need from the comfort of your home.

Our team of GPs is consistent and we make it easy for you to see your preferred doctor time and time again. Building long-term relationships, based on trust and an understanding of your past, current, and future medical needs, makes a real difference to the quality of care. We would like to preserve the traditional patient/ doctor relationship which is personalized and tailored and develops a deep understanding of personal, psychological and emotional care.

We are a multi-disciplinary practice with a team of specialists whose collaborative approach to solving your problems leads to earlier diagnosis and a well-rounded care plan; achieving exceptional outcomes. Our quality medical services philosophy is “working together we can collaboratively assess, plan and manage your care.”

Our GPs can provide a variety of services, depending on your individual needs including:

  • Appointments for any medical conditions & medical personnel services
  • Chronic condition management by best specialist islamabad
  • Health tests including blood, STI & lab with online laboratory services
  • PCR tests including Covid-19, flu, gastrointestinal & best ultrasound islamabad
  • Prescriptions and specialist medical referrals of qualified medical service

Simply choose the duration of your appointment and any additional services can be paid on the day of your appointment.

We have both male and female doctors; if you have a preference, please advise our reception team when you book. If you require a chaperone or if you have any mobility issues, also let us know when booking, so we can make necessary arrangements for you.

We provide exceptional health care each step of the way. We are conscientious that some of our patients or their close family members are deemed clinically vulnerable. Therefore, all our staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for your protection and peace of mind.

Choose us to support you to live a healthier life.

We always have time to listen


In-clinic appointments

You can rely on us for medical care when you need it, close to your home or place of work.
During a visit we can perform a thorough consultation providing GP medical care & advice, administer vaccinations, perform blood tests, urine tests and swabs, and issue prescriptions where appropriate. We can offer a complete service from your appointment through to investigation, treatment, referral and follow-up care. Many of our tests can deliver same-day results, if requested – please state when booking.


Virtual Appointments

Our virtual GP appointments are a convenient and efficient way to address your health concerns, all from the comfort of your home.
Talk to a doctor either by phone or video about any skin conditions, mental health concerns and support, chronic illness management (eg. diabetes diagnosis and management), infections, headaches, asthma treatment, sexual health concerns and more.

Our GPs can provide prescriptions and referrals to specialists, if required.


Workplace GP sessions

Our experienced doctors will provide you and your family outstanding care for minor and more severe complaints in your place of work.

We can deliver most services during a work visit including a thorough consultation providing GP medical care, advice and issue prescriptions. If aware beforehand, we can also administer vaccinations, perform blood tests, urine tests and swabs, where appropriate.
We don’t believe you should have to wait to be seen by a GP and that is why we are always ready to come to you, at your place of work.


Diagnostic Laboratory Blood Tests

Blood tests can be used for many different reasons, from diagnosis of specific illnesses to assessing general health indicators. They are great for giving an overview of your health status. Our doctors may recommend a blood test off the back of an appointment if they think you require further tests or analyses. Blood tests are also a key part of many medical and health screenings to provide an overview of your general health. Additionally, you can book a specific blood test if there’s anything in particular you would like to know, such as cholesterol levels or immunity tests.


Diagnostic Radiology Services

Multimodality medical diagnostic imaging to improve the health of our patients as well as our ordering clinicians’ abilities to diagnose and treat medical illnesses and injuries. We provide our patients the proper care and attention they deserve while going through a radiological examination.Radiological imaging including X-Rays and Ultrasounds are seamlessly integrated into our diagnostic process to aid in accurate treatment.



Routine medicals offer valuable opportunities to screen for health problems at an early stage, to address any particular health concerns and to consider general health issues, risk factors, and lifestyle. They can show early indications of disease and also highlight if known health issues are improving, staying the same, or getting worse. When it comes to disease, prevention is much easier than curing and the earlier you are aware of a health issue, the easier it tends to be resolved. Putting your mind at ease with a medical.


Comprehensive health checkups

Good health is a sign of happy blessed life. Sedentary lifestyle and stressful days contribute to illnesses and many preventable diseases.

Comprehensive health checkup at general practice includes series of tests for full body checkup along with evaluation by our doctors. This helps to examine the overall state of health of our patients.


High Risk diseases Health Screenings

Similar to medicals, health screenings spot early signs of disease. Health screenings tend to be much more targeted and focus on one area of the body. They can be done by themselves or in combination to build up a bigger picture of your health.

This includes Individual risk assessment according to age and gender, screening of variety of cancers and scheduling of visits.

Goal of screening among our patients is early detection, life style changes or surveillance, reduce risk of diseases and early treatment


Diabetes Management

Whether you have spent years struggling with diabetes or are newly diagnosed, it can be a confusing and challenging condition. Understanding risk factors, knowing your numbers, and making healthy choices can make a difference.

We at general practice can help you manage your diabetes by providing you with the information and resources you need.


Blood Pressure Management

Having chronic high blood pressure, or hypertension, can affect many aspects of your health. Hypertension is the leading cause of other serious health problems such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Therefore, ongoing care is important for people with this condition.

We at general practice discuss with you the best ways to approach in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring high blood pressure.

Experience is Everything

When it comes to your health, experience is everything.


Our dedicated clinicians deliver unparalleled, individual care and attention. Experience translates into good clinical judgement, early and accurate diagnosis, timely treatment, and excellent, all-round care. It also brings fast access to a broad network of world-class specialists across the full range of medical and surgical disciplines.

When it comes to delivering excellence in private medical care, experience counts.
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